Hi! I’m Ruby’s Gingy! Please help me circle the globe this holiday season so I can teach Ruby and her classmates all about holiday cultures and traditions!

All you have to do is print me off, cut me out and take a photo or video of me doing something that symbolizes the holidays for you. It could be a tradition, place, celebration, or item that is truly special to you….let your imagination run wild! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

To share your adventure with Gingy:

1. Print off Ruby’s Gingy and cut it out
2. Take a photo with Gingy
3. Post your photo on Instagram, making sure your account is public, otherwise we won’t be able to see it! If you don’t want to make your account public, please send your photo via DM to @ANGIEANDRUBY on Instagram!
4. Add your location so we can track all of Gingy’s whereabouts!
5. Tag @ANGIEANDRUBY and use the hashtag #RUBYSGINGY so your photo comes up in our searches!

Where in the world is Ruby’s Gingy?


See a full list of Gingy’s whereabouts HERE!