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‘Purest Form Of Happiness’: Lakeville Mom, Daughter Go Viral On Instagram

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An Instagram post featuring a 12-year-old girl from Lakeville is getting a lot of attention. “Who is your favorite person?” asks Angela Ardolf, in the video. “Momma,” replied Ruby, Angela’s daughter. The 40-second video posted a week ago is a simple Q&A between Ruby and her mom, but it instantly went viral with people falling in love with Ruby and her story.

A viral video helps a Minnesota girl get a guide dog

Lakeville’s Ruby Ardolf is an internet darling after a simple Instagram video of her answering her mom’s questions went viral. The 12-year-old appears in the minute-long video that was uploaded last week, answering about her favorite Disney characters (Frozen – all of them), her favorite person (Mama), her views on squirrels (not a fan), and […]

In Lakeville, Minnesota, Angela Ardolf’s daughter likes Frozen, dislikes squirrels, goes viral [VIDEO] | City Pages

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