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Angie and Ruby: Tips for Talking to a Person with a Disability

This past summer, Chris Ulmer of the popular online community Special Books by Special Kids introduced people all over the world to a new friend: a fun-loving almost-thirteen-year-old with a big smile, a sparkling sense of humor, and a contagious laugh.

Episode 50: Angie- Stromme Syndrome by Orange Socks

Angie’s daughter Ruby has Microcephaly, and vision impairment. She has been diagnosed with Stromme syndrome. Stromme syndrome is so rare, that there are only 12 people in the world like Ruby.

‘Purest Form Of Happiness’: Lakeville Mom, Daughter Go Viral On Instagram

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An Instagram post featuring a 12-year-old girl from Lakeville is getting a lot of attention. “Who is your favorite person?” asks Angela Ardolf, in the video. “Momma,” replied Ruby, Angela’s daughter. The 40-second video posted a week ago is a simple Q&A between Ruby and her mom, but it instantly went viral with people falling in love with Ruby and her story.

A viral video helps a Minnesota girl get a guide dog

Lakeville’s Ruby Ardolf is an internet darling after a simple Instagram video of her answering her mom’s questions went viral. The 12-year-old appears in the minute-long video that was uploaded last week, answering about her favorite Disney characters (Frozen – all of them), her favorite person (Mama), her views on squirrels (not a fan), and […]

In Lakeville, Minnesota, Angela Ardolf’s daughter likes Frozen, dislikes squirrels, goes viral [VIDEO] | City Pages

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