For the past three days, I’ve been trying to prepare Ruby for her new daycare schedule, which requires her to get up at about 6:15. She’s used to sleeping in, so it hasn’t been easy. But we’ve made slow and steady progress each day…

Day 1 -- First I opened the bedroom door and turned on the hall light. No movement. Then I cranked up some music, blow dried my hair outside her bedroom door and turned on her light. Still no movement.
Day 2 -- Opened her bedroom door and turned on the light right away. She moved a little and proceeded to curl up into a ball similar to day 1. At least she moved, right?
Day 3 - Opened the bedroom door and she was already slightly awake. Turned on the hall light and she opened her eyes a little. Said, "Hi mama," and asked for Elmo music. I think we're making progress!

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